Monday, March 11, 2013

So Many Stars

Photo: (c) Stu Jenks, Growler Mountains

I love the darkness;
It is the only canvas that will do
for light.

Tonight the lights are stars,
so many stars

all choosing to cluster right here,
above my mountain.

I have heard stars sing.


Many three times.

It takes a special kind of night
and a special kind of stillness –

the kind within.

The kind my mind is not inclined to.

But I’ve succeeded when I haven’t tried.

When it happens it makes you wonder:

Why haven’t I been listening?

I can shed a tear for the lovely things
I have missed the opportunity to love.

So, so many stars.

© 2013/Jamie K. Reaser
From "Snow Days: Reflections by Candlelight" (a work in progress)

Many thanks to Stu Jenks, wonderful photographer and friend, for
use of the image.


  1. Ooooo - lovely. Yes! It does take a special kind of listening/awareness.... There are so many stars singing to us than we could have ever imagined! It's been a while since I listened... Thanks for the reminder in your beautiful poem... _/\_

    1. Thank you...wishing you a night full of song...