Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dog Prayers

Photo: (c) Jamie K. Reaser

If you are stroking a dog's soft ears,
you are praying for something
better to become of this
world. Perhaps, you don't see my

but I bet you can
feel it.

(c) 2015/Jamie K. Reaser
From "Conversations with Mary"
To be published by Talking Waters Press in 2016

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Friday, April 24, 2015


Photo: (c) Jamie K. Reaser

Everything that is me, cannot be
contained in one version of me,
cannot be contained at all,
really. There is so much in here
that wants to get out into the world
and try on a thousand – maybe 
a million – ways of being. “What
do you do?” Oh, so many things.
So many wonderful things.

© 2015-2017/Jamie K. Reaser
"From Conversations with Mary"
To be published by Talking Waters Press 

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hiding Easter Eggs

Photo: (c) Jamie K. Reaser

She was terrible at it.
We’d find the pastel-colored, plastic
eggs filled with stale candy months,
maybe a year or more, later.

Behind the curtains.
Under the sofa cushions.
Beneath the lamp shade.

Perhaps a family dog would eventually
alert us to them, or we’d get around
to cleaning, or be looking for something
necessary that we’d misplaced.

We’d say, “Count them first!”

We’d say, “Make a map!”

But, it never happened and we’d be
left to joke that we had a particularly
senile Easter Bunny.

We can lose things so easily.


“Be attentive,” counsels Mary Oliver.


Tomorrow, we’ll hide eggs for the kids.

Across the green lawn.
In the trees and shrubbery.
On the jungle gym.

When all is said and done,
the baskets filled and
the sugar coursing, we’ll pretend
to have lost at least one.

We’ll say, “That’s in honor of
Grandma Billie.” And, they’ll
think us nuts.


It’ll be our way of being attentive.

© 2015-2017/Jamie K. Reaser
From "Portraits" (a work in progress)

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