Saturday, December 31, 2011


Photo: (c) Jamie K. Reaser

I resolve:

To spend more time
talking with trees;

To speak my Truth
and the Truth of those
who cannot speak
for themselves;

To let Nature set the
rhythm of my days
and nights

and the seasons of
my belonging to
this world;

To laugh with children
and some adults too;

To throw a wayward
starfish back
into the ocean;

To dance to the music
that moves me;

To mend a broken wing,
or someone else’s;

To shine as light in the darkness
and become an ever-truer
friend to my shadows
and demons;

To pick up my paint brushes again
and write songs that
I will never sing;

To learn the constellations
and share nights with friends
under starry skies;

To wear purple more often
and paint my toenails

and start contemplating
how I can become
one of those cool
old women when
the time arrives;

To make love,
honoring the sacred
and enjoying this embodiment;

To smile in pictures,
and smile when there
is no one around to notice
that I am smiling;

To find myself in awe of Life,
every day;

To hike in the rain more often,
splash in puddles,
and listen to streams;

To see gardening as co-creative process
and value the time shared
with the Mother;

To be fully present as I prepare my
meals and as I nourish my body,
savoring each bite;

To be of service in my Work
and play
and to play;

To meditate on abundance
and express gratitude
at least as often as I

To forgive as an act of
duty to my soul,
a means of
expanding my heart,

and the laying of a
stepping stone on the
path to a better world;

To build community
and mirror beauty
back to all beings;

To be courageously vulnerable
and hang out with uncertainty
as if we were childhood

To simply be enough.


To love you,
because I can.

© 2011-2017/Jamie K. Reaser
Published in "Sacred Reciprocity: Courting the Beloved in Everyday Life" 

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  1. oh jamie -- glorious! beautiful and sweet and earthed.... i love it!

  2. Muah Bethie. Wishing you such loveliness in the year ahead my dear friend.

  3. Your voice in the world ME resolve.

    How can I say thank you
    for this endless soothing fountain
    that spills out of you !
    and fills my thirsty heart?

    No words again can speak it.
    ...tears heart is full.

  4. Thank you sweet Dana Hobbit. May your cup run'th over with deep peace and abundante joy in the year ahead. xxxooo

  5. Thank you, Jamie, for the New Year's gift.. I really appreciate your voice.. <3 Wishing you a vibrantly healthy, abundant, and joyful year..

  6. Thank you Scott for your kind words and friendship. May you meet 2012 and the Phase of Wisdom that dear Saturn is guiding you into with deep wonderment and an open heart.

  7. I'm new to your blog Jamie...and I have to say my heart is wedded to it.

    Your poetry is poignant, astounding, awakening, and has lovely bones!!!

    This piece spoke to every part of my heart...
    brings tears to the eyes, and I am better for having read it.

    Thank You for such a beautiful resolve!

    Happy New Year
    Radiant Blessings to You!

  8. Thank you for your lovely note Akasa. I wish for you a wonder-filled 2012, steeped with joy and deep peace. I'm thankful for your presence - on this blog and in this world.

    Warmest regards from the chilly Blue Ridge Mountains...

  9. Jamie, that is very beautiful. I was gifted your poem by a dear friend. It speaks to much of my intentions for this new year. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Connie. Wishing you a wonder-full 2014...