Saturday, December 24, 2011

Out Into the Night

Image: The Parvin/Pleides or Seven Sisters
from Vista wallpaper download

For Nuz, with love

I wish we could have sat in Council
and I could have held space
for your story.

It doesn’t seem right that
women still have to walk
out into the night alone to
unburden themselves
of anguish.

What these constellations know
of the suffering heart must
be something terrible –

and true.

I wonder if you are aware
of your own bravery.

Warriors of this kind aren’t
given commendations.

Did the Parvin ever speak to
you of your beauty?

I pray for you a place among
these distant Sisters –

How well they understand
the mercilessness of
a Love that relentlessly
pursues the soul.

The grief I’ve shed in this darkness
is for a world yet too small
to accommodate so
large a heart.


Night’s more than half gone
now my dear and it’s time
we return to the tents.

At sunrise only the
other women who have
trekked across the sands
will know
of our courage.


For now,
that has to be enough.

© 2011-2013/Jamie K. Reaser
From "Re-Union: Coming Home to Each Other" (a work in progress)

(Feel free to share. Poetry is meant to move.)

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