Saturday, August 23, 2014

Listening to the Rain

Photo: (c) Jamie K. Reaser

When the rain falls,
steady and long from clouds
resting their thick arms here on
the mountain slope,
I wonder about solitude,
how it teaches you to listen in ways that 
prevent you from explaining meaningful things to another soul;
who wants to be labeled crazy and locked up by
people afraid to have their hearts broken?

What is loneliness?
I don’t know.

For now, I belong to this world.
To understand the language of raindrops,
you must first believe yourself worthy
of their kinship.

© 2014-2016/Jamie K. Reaser
From “Coming Home: Learning to Actively Love this Word”
Published by Talking Waters Press

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  1. As always Jamie, this beauty resonates highly with my spirit and soul...such a deeply, discerning language, that rain, and all Mother Earth's waters as well as Father Sky's raindrops for his Bride, His Beloved, speak.
    This touches my heart in more ways than one! I love the "kinship" of your words. AHO!

    1. Thank you AWS! It is always a pleasure to hear from you, and to know that you are singing.