Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Comedy and Tragedy

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“Comedy aims at representing
men as worse, Tragedy as better
than in actual life.”

~ Aristole, The Poetics

Act 1: Comedy

To be the common man is the art,
ordinary and prevailing, overcoming of
hard-dealt circumstance,
believable, as is our belief in our
smallness, that only some are gifted
divine madness,

chosen to be the sacred fool.

What you are viewing is a place
that we have all come to together;

this scene. Watch it unfold, carefully.

This is what the masterful actor longs for you
to read

between the lines:

It’s a sad plot that we are laughing our
way through because we don’t want
to know that bad things are happening to good

like us.

“Good morning!”

in context of mass causalities.

Where should we shine the light?

Act 2: Tragedy

A god will fall through
fatal error or misjudgment

and find suffering in humility.

Ah, but let time pass this way and he will understand,
And, oh my,
the audience will fear his revelation,

how they want it for themselves but not at
such a terrible cost; the ticket for this show should come cheap.

He never got to play this role.

How should we cast the darkness?

The Finale

When the curtain closes, the
hero always rises.

But which mask was he wearing?

© 2014/Jamie K. Reaser
From "Portraits" (a work in progress)

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