Friday, June 29, 2012

The First Sounds of the Morning

Photo: (c) Jamie K. Reaser

What if you dedicated
the first sounds of the morning
to gratitude?

What then?

Might the birds, having just
limbered their wings and
stretched out the toes that
gripped all through the night,
comment on
your voice at dawn?

Might the trees who have
known so little appreciation for
their shade and fruits,

like lovers cry when the
moment they never believed
would come
is suddenly a memory?

Might the sun, a
Master of Power,
finally learn what it
feels like to receive warmth?

I’ve heard the jack-in-the-pulpit
silently rendering a sermon,

and watched a muskrat put his

hands in prayer position
just before nibbling off golden
flower heads

as dawn pinked.

I’m thinking that it would be good
to realize that we are Home
every morning,

and to give thanks for the

© 2012-2016/Jamie K. Reaser
From "Coming Home: Learning to Actively Love this World"
Published by Talking Waters Press

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  1. so beautiful, jamie...glad to see you're working on another group of poems. to see the world through the eyes of your heart is such a gift.

    1. Thank you for your kindness, Stacy. I can say the same for you and your beautiful mandalas! Blessings to you...

  2. <3 Gratitude is always a good thing.. I try to acknowledge nature in the morning.. to feel and express gratitude in some way.. thanks for all the lovely poetry, and the other good work you do, Jamie.. : )

  3. Speechless with Gratitude! I recently tapped into a new passion for Life and your expression of LIFE here is just what the "doctor" ordered.:)

    "It would be good to realize that we are Home every morning..." YES. A reason to get up in the morning... With Gratitude for your beautiful gift - and Life... :)

    1. Thank you! So glad to hear that the words resonate. Blessings upon your journey...

  4. Every morning I awakend with the gift of new breath, new appreciation for another day in which to feel Mother Earth and her inhabitants, all.

    This poem, is a fresh new breath, a perspective all of Mother Earth can hear
    and aspire to.

    Thank You Jamie!!!
    In Lak'ech..

    1. Thank you, Akasa. Wonderful, as always, to find you here. Blessings dear lady.

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    This is lovely. A few peek of nature in the morning is surely something to be thankful about. A true beauty in front of our eyes that makes our day brighter.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, and your presence among the Talking Waters.