Monday, August 23, 2010

House of Cards

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Let go,
It wasn’t meant to last –
Nothing but true love is.
The instability that you’ve
been witnessing
is a sign –
Gravity wants to help you out…
It’s time for The Descent and grounding.
Fall to your own knees
if you must -
Humus, humility, and human
share the same origin.
Oh, please -
Be the wind
confident across your lips
that says,
“I will honorably destroy
that which I created
and bare witness
to this loss with the
fullness of my heart.”
Only the Creator
has the Universal Blue Print -
This you should Know.
Let your personal
house of cards come
tumbling down
in majestic chaos.
Garner the courage to
turn your tethered struggle
into a holy offering –

Candle light,
and a nice glass of wine –
Feed the Holy your
untimely attachments
and you’ll both be
fully satiated.
I want to watch your
heels fly high as you
dance the mythos
of security to
death –

like a passion-drunk
That’s right.
No more investing your energy
in the fallacy of indefinite stabilization,
snatch the most pivotal card
and invite the child of you
to toss it in uproarious play.
Be sure,
absolutely sure,
to revel in the multi-story crash -
For a long while if you will…
Bring your tears and party hats.
Severance, my friend,
is a passageway to Joy -
This you should Know.
Let go.
Let go,
It wasn’t meant to last –
Nothing but true love is.
© 2010-2012/Jamie K. Reaser
From "Note to Self: Poems for Changing the World from the Inside Out" (


  1. Wounded solder and a loyal child ;)
    This is quite an enthusiasm Jamie! Love it!

  2. yes I do think they are all about me...but SO deeply honored to have one that really is.
    thank you.