Monday, November 5, 2012

The Quiet


Image: many thanks to Eve McCauley for permission
to share her beautiful painting

Artist: Eve McCauley
"Owl Landing", Oil on canvas

I am inspired by the quiet.
Not the silence that would indicate
that I have gone far away from
here and forsaken the meaning
of my life,

but the quiet that comes into a place
like a soft-landing owl;
the quiet that says
everyone and everything is present,
and they are listening.

It’s a quietude that
is too often reserved
for the thresholds of life
and death,

when the spirits are busily
re-minding us of
our emotions,

and testing our concepts
of right
and wrong.

In this world,

How generous we can be with life
when we stop needing to be the
mockingbird on the post
and under the nauseating yellow glow
of dingy street light.

There are days when voices
should be reserved for
speaking nothing more than,

And only in response to
the questions
that no one dared

© 2012-2013/Jamie K. Reaser

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