Friday, February 10, 2012


Photo: (c) Jamie K. Reaser

Tonight the barred owls
ask their question upon
the chill of dusk;

one from the tulip poplar grove,
the other at creekside.


Is what they want to know.


It’s a dangerous inquiry.

A warrior’s initiation right
if you dare seek the answer.

Do you dare?

Do you dare to know
who you truly are?

Coyotes run the crest of the ridge,
yips and howls
formulating the collective voice
of the pack.

Don’t listen to them,

they are tricksters.

This is what I have to say:

If you go searching for the

you will Die.

And if you don’t go searching
for the answer,

you will die.

If you want to Live,

you must go searching
for the answer.

The moon will light the way in the darkness,
but only so much as to allow
you to take one uncertain step
at a time,

often, backwards.

You’ll find that what the sun illuminates,
is frequently outsized by its

and that the shadow has a life of its own.

You are going to have to
befriend it,
as your fellow journeyman.

Be prepared to leave who you
think you are behind
in the quest for

It’s best if you put down the large bundle
of “what no longer serves”
at the trail head.

Do bring your most spectacular heartaches
and your deepest wounds;
these are the trail markers that
will help you stay on course.

And too, have within you
a most
beautiful verse.

You cannot fully understand who you
are until you have courted the
Beloved with such wild abandon,
that you become completely undone.


from the top of the tallest pine.


from the sycamore at the edge of the meadow.


from the moment you were born,

has been the question

gifted by those who

want you to find your way


© 2012-2018/Jamie K. Reaser
Published in "Sacred Reciprocity: Courting the Beloved in Everyday Life" and "Wild Life: New and Selected Poems;

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  1. You so beautifully put into words what I know in my Heart! Thank you! I swoon with this one, because my Heart has always dared to know - to ask - since early childhood. Beautiful question btw... The owls have been calling to me since last Summer, beckoning me deeper into the Forest of the authentic Self - daring me to know Her... Heart Bows to you... Christine Love the picture of the owl too!

  2. Thank you Christine. I'm glad to hear that you have taken the owls up on their invitation of discovery! I wish you luscious insights and a deep embodiment of the wisdom to be found along the way. Blessings, Jamie

  3. Beautiful, thought provoking poem. Vivid imagery!

  4. Thank you. And thank you for your presence...

  5. love this one, jamie rave! it's like a call to action...! love love love my owlies... <3

  6. I missid this one last year. How so true, Jamie. Ah, those tricksters makes us laugh, although we feel like crying. Whoom sweet whoom ;)

  7. A teaching-poem . . . we must seek. What a joy of a fabulous poem! Thank you, Jamie!
    peace, prosperity,
    p.s. let me know when you want to self-publish your poems . . . I'm your woman!

    1. Thank you, Mickey...for your kind words and the offer. I'll definitely keep that in mind. _/\_

  8. A friend introduced me to your poetry this morning, and all I can think to say is: Beautiful! Your words will stay with me all day as something to cherish, and ponder.

    1. Thank you! So glad to have you here. Welcome...