Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are You Ready?

Photo: from blog.campopoly.com (see Note)

When was the last time

you forgave yourSelf

for being human?

There is a long overdue ceremony

that we must all take part in.

It marks the beginning of the end of rage.

I know of this power,

this force,

that is for us to reckon with…

It is the power of One.

It is Unity.

It is yours for the choosing,


You need only ask for redemption

from your misgivings about

your own Soul.

Your need only reach out

and connect with the Source

of eternal, exquisite Love.

Are you ready?

© 2010/Jamie K. Reaser

Note: I invite you to look carefully at the pattern
of the Unity Star in the photo and let the
message of the poem settle in. Where else
has that pattern shown up prominently over the
last couple of months?..The soul/collective conscious
speak through image...
often quite profoundly.

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