Saturday, January 30, 2010


Photo: (C) Jamie K. Reaser

Do you hear yourself being called
to places that are far away,
beckoned by landscapes
intimately known and unimaginable?

Does it feel as if only strangers
can speak your name?

You must leave home.

You must leave HOME!

Escape the walls of your
upbringing any way you

Caterpillars do it.

Travel far and wide,
get lost,
be robbed,
over and over again,
realize that the world is big,
you are small.

Forget who you believed
yourself to be,
who you thought
others thought you were.

Become someone who can’t
answer simple questions like,
“What do you do?”


Totally and completely fail
to reach your intended destination,
though carrying a map and compass.

You are where you need to be
the moment after you
give up on all the landmarks.

Sit down and cry out
all of your laments.

Cry out the laments
all your ancestors
feared to cry.

You are indeed walking
in circles,
along a path marked
“Grief and Despair”
that leads directly
to Soul.

You have arrived.

Arrived at the place
you began
that it killed you to leave.

There is no entrance,
nor exit.
Never was.

When people ask you to tell the
story of your travels,
your journey,
of the road you have taken,
do so by living your Life,


Now you are human.

(c) 2003-2017/Jamie K. Reaser
Published in "Note to Self: Poems for Changing the World from the Inside Out" 

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